In the last post, we have discussed the few silly mistakes that we make, which decreases the life span of our pearls.

And today, we have yet another post which explains what should one be doing to keep pearls healthy and shiny.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started:

Daily Care:

#1 Clean Pearls After Every Use

As we know that after every use, jewelleries get in contact with dirt, sweat or something else, which eventually decreases their luster.

Similarly, pearlsAi??also get affected becauseAi??of these external agents, which is very common in daily life.

So, to avoid any damage, daily cleaning is required.

To clean pearls, you need not buy some cleaner, just wipe using a smooth wet cloth. While wiping, make sure that the cloth is reaching every corner.

#2 Wear At Last and Take Off At First

You may know that pearls or any other kind of jewelleries should be worn at the end i.e after getting dressed up and finishing makeups.

It is advised becauseAi??if you wear your pearls at the beginning, the chance that your pearls get in contact with cosmetics, perfumes etc becomes high, which is not a healthy practice.

Well, the same condition applies while taking off, so always take your pearls off at the beginning to avoid any harsh contact.

Another reason why it’s advised to getAi??jewelleries on at the end and take them off at the beginning is, the chance that your jewelleries may get stuck in clothes and get damaged.

#3 Use Your Pearls Regularly

Many people believe that less use of pearls increases its lifespan.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I mean, if you keep pearls in a box for a longer period and use rarely, you are damaging it.

Now, pearls usually don’t survive much in the dry condition, so it advised by the experts to maintain their moisture time to time.

And when you wear it regularly, pearls would get moisture from your body, which indirectly saves your time and effort.

But one thing to note here, moisture condition doesn’t mean that you always have to keep them wet or keep them under the wet cloth.

You can maintain the moisture level by either dipping it into the water and then wiping all the liquids or by keeping a wet cloth around.

#4 Avoid Contact with Everyday Acids

In our daily life, we get in touch with several types of acids such as acidic agent present in alcohol, lemon, detergents etc.

And these acids are not good for pearls, so always avoid getting in touch with them.

You can take simple measures to ensure its safety, like remove pearls while eating, cleaning dishes, washing clothes etc.

Storage Care:

#1 Give Separate Box

If you have many jewelleries, then always make sure to keep your pearls especially in a separate box.

Don’t mix it with other jewelleries.

Now, as we all know that pearls are very delicate in nature and if you keep them with other jewelleries, there is a chance that your beloved pearls would get scratches or maybe its shape would get distorted.

So, always keep your pearls in a separate box.

Or if you are keeping your pearls and other jewelleries in the same box then make sure that no jewelleries including pearls could get in contact with each other.

#2 Never Live Pearl Hanging

Leaving pearl necklace hanging for a long time, makes the fine silk which theyai??i??re strung on weak.

So, always keep your pearl necklace on a flat surface.

It also reduces the risk of strands bumping into each other, or into any other hard surfaces.

#3 Use Protective Pearls Pouch While Travelling

Pearls need a great care especially while traveling.

So, always use a protective pearls pouch to avoid any bump with other hard substances in your luggage.

#4 Never Keep Pearls In Storage Box for Longer Period

As we all have learned that pearls do need moisture environment and leaving them in a storage box for a longer period may dehydrate them.

So, never keep them for a longer period. If you don’t have to wear, just take it out, give a gentle wipe using a wet cloth and put it back.

Cleaning Care:

#1 Never Use Harsh Liquid or Powder

Never ever think of using harsh liquids or powders like detergent, kitchen cleaning liquids or any cleaner having acidic property, to clean your pearls.

If you do so, you may end up damaging your beloved pearls.

So, if you notice that you are able to clean your pearls properly, take them to expert.

After all, precious gems need precious care.

#2 Never use Brush to clean Pearls

If you use brushes to clean the corners of pearls, then you unknowingly generating scratches on your pearls, which would make it ugly in future.

So, always keep in mind to clean it with soft clothes. Or if you can’t do, take it to the experts.

At The End:

Maintaining your pearls is not so tough but it does need efforts.

As we know, precious jewels require great care.