Carrying a jewelry is not an easy job and when the jewelry is made up some natural stuff, it really becomes a tough job.

Well, we are talking about pearls, which is obviously a nature generated ornament.

And today we will discuss the little mistakes which every pearl owner makes that eventually destroysAi??his/her beloved pearls.

So, without wasting any second. Let’s get started:

#1 Wearing Pearls Before Applying Cosmetics or Perfumes

Now, we all know that cosmeticsAi??or the perfumes have a little (or maybe large) amount of acidic agent in them.

And being a pearl owner, you must know that pearls get damaged with contact of acidic agents.

And this is the reason, why the expert advice to wear pearls or other ornaments after completing all other stuff like makeup.

#2 Eating While wearing Pearls

I understand that most of the time, you can’t do anything in this but at least you can make sure that no any food items come in contact with pearls.

If possible, then just take your pearls off before eating.

As we know that any external dirt could damage these pearls, making them lustreless.

So, always try to keep your pearls away from these acidic materials.

#3 Taking Off Pearls at the last

As we know that it is a good practice to wear pearls at the last, but this same logic doesn’tAi??go while taking them off.

Well, you need to take them off at first. And if you don’tAi??do so, there is a chance that some cosmetic or something else could get in touch in pearls.

And we all know that what could happen with such contact.

#4 Washing with Kitchen’s Ai??Cleaning Liquids

Yes, many think that like utensils, kitchen liquid would clean the pearl and other jewelry.

But that’s just foolish of them.

Well, almost all kitchen liquids contain some acidic agents and we have yet understood that even mild acid is also not good for our pearls.

So, never try to wash them with those liquids.

#5 Washing with Detergents

These detergents which we generally use to wash clothes or floors contain very strong agents which can directly affect your pearls or any other jewelry.

So, to avoid any such damage, do not wash them with any kind of detergents.

#6 Leaving Pearls unattended in open

If you are not using the pearls then never keep it unattended in open as it might catch some dirt and lose its lusterAi??very soon.

#7 Not cleaning it after every use

Here cleaning doesn’tAi??mean using some external agents to clean your pearls. You can simply use a wet cloth and give a gentle wipe.

That’s all, your pearl will be like new for ages.

So, these were the few mistakes which almost all pearl owners make, which at the end makes pearl’s life shorter.