Buying an original pearl can be a difficult task and if you are new to the market, there is a huge chance that sellers would fool you at the end by convincing you to buy some “waste”.

Suppose you have somehow managed to buy the original pearls, even then there are several things, if not taken care of, you would end up regretting your decision.

Here we have come up with several tricks and tips which you need to know before buying a perfect pearl for you.

So, without wasting any more second, let’s get started.

Different Types of Pearls

The first thing you should know that there are several types of pearls and each type has its own style, build, luster and color.

So, always consider buying that type of pearl which suits you.

Here are the information about these pearls:

Akoya Pearls:

  • Akoya Pearls are cultured pearls which come in classic white, silver and cream color.
  • The size of theseAi??pearls varies from 5mm to 11mm.
  • Very lustrous in nature.
  • These pearls come in perfect round shape.
  • The outer surface of these pearls is way smoother than others.
  • Produced mainly in Japan and China.
  • Price starts from as low as $61 and goes up toAi??$3,000.

South Sea Pearls:

  • Another type of cultured pearls which come in silky silver, champagne and deep golden color.
  • The size of these pearlsAi??varies from 9mm to 11mm. ComparativelyAi??larger in size than Akoya pearls.
  • Semi-lustrous in nature.
  • These pearlsAi??don’t have a perfectly round shape, but still, these are very close to perfectly round.
  • Primarily, the South Sea Pearls are produced inAi??Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar.
  • Price starts from $399 and goes up toAi??$30,000.
  • South Sea Pearls are the most expensive cultured pearls. The Dark Golden South Sea Pearls are believed as the most expensive and rare cultured pearl.

Fresh Water Pearls:

  • These pearls are produced pearls in the world and generally come in white, pink and lavender colors. However, there are several other colors as well. Freshwater pearls are said as pearls having the widest range of natural colors.
  • The size of these pearlsAi??varies from 2mm to 18mm.
  • Semi-lustrous in nature.
  • Most freshwater pearlsAi??also don’tAi??have a perfectly round shape but still, you can get to see some perfectly round shapes.
  • These pearls are produced in the United States and Japan, but the majority of production happens in China.
  • Price starts from as low as $69 and goes up toAi??$1,500

Tahitian Pearls:

  • Tahitian pearls generally come in natural black or gray color. However, a range of Tahitian pearls can also be found in dark green or light silver color.
  • The size of these pearlsAi??varies from 9mm to 16mm.
  • Semi-lustrous in nature.
  • Like freshwater and south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls also don’t have a perfectly round shape.
  • These pearls are produced primarily inAi??islands of French Polynesia, around Tahiti.
  • Price starts from $120 and goes up toAi??$10,000

Steps to Follow in order to buy the Perfect Pearl:

#1 Understand your requirement or taste

The first and the most important thing is understanding your own taste and requirement so that whatever you buy at the end, makes you feel proud all the time.

Here, the requirement could be anything like where you have to wear that pearl or on what dress you want to match with, what color youAi??prefer in jewelryAi??etc.

#2 Understand your budget

Once you are done with your requirement (seeing the type of pearls), the second step is the find out what amount you are willing to spend on pearls.

If you have a low budget, surely you have an option like Akoya and Freshwater pearls.

But if you are willing to look completely unique and different, you can look for the rare pieceAi??of pearls like south sea pearls.

#3 Choose the right color

Once you are done with selecting the budget range, you have to now choose a perfect color, which definitely should suit your dress and personality.

So, it completely depends on you i.e. what color you prefer to wear. Apart from your taste, it also depends on which dress you want to wear these pearls.

So, match your taste of color and dress before selecting one.

#4 Know the difference between fake and original pearls

Now, when everything is done from your side. You go to a seller to buy one.

In most cases, the sellers try to fool the customers by convincing them for a fake one, don’t fall into their trap.

Here are few tips before you go to any seller to buy:

  • Only buy from those sellers who have a great reputation in the market.
  • Always read about the seller on the internet, so that you could know exactly whether the seller is reliable or not.
  • Don’t fall seeing the advertisement only, try to know what type of service they provide.
  • Always try to choose those sellers who provide a solid return policy.

Now, everything is set. You have reached to the seller for shopping.

Still, you should perform one last check to verify the pearls are fake or genuine.

Take a pearl and gently rub onto your front teeth, if it feels very smooth, there is a chance that the pearl is fake.

Generally, original pearlsAi??have little rough texture and feel gritty when touched. However, it’s not always true that smooth pearls are fake. So, you cannot rely on this test only.