Women love shopping, especially when it comes to ornamentsAi??or gems but not all women have knowledge how to understand which gems are fake and which are genuine.

Well, if you have the same problem, then today we have come up with few amazing tips to check if your pearls are genuine or fake.

So, without wasting any more second, let’s get started:

#1 Check for minor imperfections

As we already know that pearls are actually organic gems, so surely it doesn’tAi??have the man-made perfection.

Saying that pearls don’t have “accurate perfection” doesn’t mean that every pearl has some “imperfection”.

Now, the process of checking is very simple. If you are buying a pearl necklace and then check each pearl very carefully.

If you find all the pearls are “too perfect”, then there is a great chance of something wrong.

#2 Reflection Check

A good quality of pearl has great shine and you can easily see your reflection (not so clear, but yes) in it.

The term used by the jewelers is “luster”, which defines shininess of pearls.

In other words, if a pearl has good luster and you are seeing your reflection in it, then there is a good chance that the pearl is genuine.

However, the low-quality real pearls have less luster, which basically makes it difficult to understand if it is fake or genuine by seeing its luster only.

#3 Look at the holes in pearls

Pearls in necklace have holes in themAi??for the string to pass through and if you look the edge of the holes carefully, you will find the difference.

Usually, the original pearls have sharp drill holes whereas the fake pearls have rounded edges.

Here one thing is to note, that some old pearls also have rounded edge.

To verify more, you can also see the color around the edges. The fake pearls have chipped paint or coating around the holes.

Actually, the artificial color coating on pearls gets off as they rubAi??against each other with repeated use.

#4 Rub pearls with your teeth

This is another very easy trick to verify whether your pearls are genuine or fake.

Just hold two pearls and rub against your front teeth. The genuine pearls haveAi??slightly rough or gritty textureAi??on its outermost surface, which you feel clear when rubbing on teeth.

But in fake or man made pearls, the touching experience is very smooth surface.

#5 Rub Pearls with each other

Like we have discussed that the genuine pearls have irregularities in it and hence when rubbed with each other, it generates little friction.

Whereas the fake pearls are very smooth on its outermost surface and hence creates no or very less friction.

Please note, when fake pearls are rubbed with each other, theirAi??outer layers often erode a small amount. So, you may get to see some powdery material on your hand after rubbing two pearls.

In the case of genuine pearls, you notice nothing on your hand.

#6 Check its round shape

As we already know that Pearls are an organic gem, means a product of nature, so every pearl is little different, be its surface irregularities or its round shape.

The original pearls don’t comeAi??as a perfect sphere.

Now, this doesn’t mean that no any pearl has perfect sphere but it means that every pearl has different spherical irregularities.

#7 Check surface pattern with microscope

If possible, you can also use a microscopeAi??with 64-power magnification to check surface patterns on the pearl.

In original pearl, the surface has maze-like, scaled pattern.

Usually, the fake pearls have a bumpy surface pattern.

#8 Compare pearls with certified real pearls

The best and the easiest way to find out whether you are holding a genuine pearl or a fake one is to compare it with some certified original pearls.

One thing here to understand that both genuine and fake pearls look similar so you would need to look very sharply.

Check for the surface patterns and colors around the holes.

#9 Go forAi??X-radiograph test

I know this test is an advance test but to satisfy yourself, you can go for this test.

In the test, genuine pearls show up as a semitransparent gray color on the X-ray while fake pearls seem as a solid white on the negative and solid black on the positive print.

#10 Take pearls to experts

Now, after all these tricks, if you’re still not convinced then you should now take to some reputedAi??jewelerAi??or gemologist, who test these gems using some advanced machine.

Most of the jeweler conduct X-radiograph test and microscopic test (both are mentioned above) to verify the authenticity of the pearls, which indirectly you can also do by yourself.

But still, experts have more experience (and that’s why they are called experts), so taking to them isn’t a bad idea.

So, guys and girls, these were the 10 ultimate ways to check whether a pearl is genuine or a man-made.