Things to Avoid While Cleaning Pearls

As we all know that pearls are actually organic gems, which definitely need a proper care and cleaning to keep itself alive for a longer time.

If we talk about hardness, pearls are considered as not so hard substance as it falls between 2.5 – 4.5 on Mohs hardness scale and hence these gems catch scratches very easily.

That’s why it is advised to not to clean your pearls with any external chemical or substances.

Now, here we have brought few tips which you shouldn’t do while cleaning your pearl jewelry.

Things to avoid while cleaning pearls:

#1 Avoid Toothbrush or Other Hard Substance to Clean Pearls

Never use a toothbrush or other brushes to clean pearls. Well, we already know that pearls can catch scratches very easily and the hairs of toothbrushes are very hard as it’s for cleaning teeth, which is the hardest part of the body.

So, never use toothbrushes.

#2 Avoid Utensil’s Cleaner

Many pearl lovers think to clean the gems using utensil cleaners but trust me, it’s a rubbish idea. If you are doing so, you are shortening the lifespan of your beloved pearls.

Experts advise not to use any type of cleaner which contains chlorine bleach, vinegar or ammonia.

Some may think to use baking soda but it’s also not healthy for your pearls.

If your cleaning job is not getting done by plane water, then use soap (chemical free would be better).

#3 Say no to ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning is nothing but cleaning stuff using ultrasound with an appropriate cleaning solvent (maybe water).

It basically shortens the life of Pearl, which definitely you wouldn’t want.

#4 Also say no to steam cleaning

As the name suggests, steam cleaning involves cleaning things using steam and in the case of pearls, it is not advised.

#5 Never go with jewelry cleaning chemical advertised on TV

In several cases, the agent which are advertised on TV for jewelry cleaning contains harsh chemicals that definitely isn’t good for pearls.

One thing you must understand that every gem is different, so its cleaning process.

#6 Never heat your pearls directly

Not only pearls, heating any gem directly, isn’t good for its health and reduces its lifespan and shine.

Here, heating doesn’t only mean putting gems in the microwave but also involves putting gems directly in sunlight for a longer period of time.

So these were the few tips, which you should not do while cleaning your pearls.

As per as expert advice, to clean pearls, one should only use soft cloth and water. If you want to use some chemical, then use only those which are labeled as “safe for pearls”.

Everything You Need To Know About Pearl Care

In the last post, we have discussed the few silly mistakes that we make, which decreases the life span of our pearls.

And today, we have yet another post which explains what should one be doing to keep pearls healthy and shiny.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started:

Daily Care:

#1 Clean Pearls After Every Use

As we know that after every use, jewelleries get in contact with dirt, sweat or something else, which eventually decreases their luster.

Similarly, pearls also get affected because of these external agents, which is very common in daily life.

So, to avoid any damage, daily cleaning is required.

To clean pearls, you need not buy some cleaner, just wipe using a smooth wet cloth. While wiping, make sure that the cloth is reaching every corner.

#2 Wear At Last and Take Off At First

You may know that pearls or any other kind of jewelleries should be worn at the end i.e after getting dressed up and finishing makeups.

It is advised because if you wear your pearls at the beginning, the chance that your pearls get in contact with cosmetics, perfumes etc becomes high, which is not a healthy practice.

Well, the same condition applies while taking off, so always take your pearls off at the beginning to avoid any harsh contact.

Another reason why it’s advised to get jewelleries on at the end and take them off at the beginning is, the chance that your jewelleries may get stuck in clothes and get damaged.

#3 Use Your Pearls Regularly

Many people believe that less use of pearls increases its lifespan.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I mean, if you keep pearls in a box for a longer period and use rarely, you are damaging it.

Now, pearls usually don’t survive much in the dry condition, so it advised by the experts to maintain their moisture time to time.

And when you wear it regularly, pearls would get moisture from your body, which indirectly saves your time and effort.

But one thing to note here, moisture condition doesn’t mean that you always have to keep them wet or keep them under the wet cloth.

You can maintain the moisture level by either dipping it into the water and then wiping all the liquids or by keeping a wet cloth around.

#4 Avoid Contact with Everyday Acids

In our daily life, we get in touch with several types of acids such as acidic agent present in alcohol, lemon, detergents etc.

And these acids are not good for pearls, so always avoid getting in touch with them.

You can take simple measures to ensure its safety, like remove pearls while eating, cleaning dishes, washing clothes etc.

Storage Care:

#1 Give Separate Box

If you have many jewelleries, then always make sure to keep your pearls especially in a separate box.

Don’t mix it with other jewelleries.

Now, as we all know that pearls are very delicate in nature and if you keep them with other jewelleries, there is a chance that your beloved pearls would get scratches or maybe its shape would get distorted.

So, always keep your pearls in a separate box.

Or if you are keeping your pearls and other jewelleries in the same box then make sure that no jewelleries including pearls could get in contact with each other.

#2 Never Live Pearl Hanging

Leaving pearl necklace hanging for a long time, makes the fine silk which they’re strung on weak.

So, always keep your pearl necklace on a flat surface.

It also reduces the risk of strands bumping into each other, or into any other hard surfaces.

#3 Use Protective Pearls Pouch While Travelling

Pearls need a great care especially while traveling.

So, always use a protective pearls pouch to avoid any bump with other hard substances in your luggage.

#4 Never Keep Pearls In Storage Box for Longer Period

As we all have learned that pearls do need moisture environment and leaving them in a storage box for a longer period may dehydrate them.

So, never keep them for a longer period. If you don’t have to wear, just take it out, give a gentle wipe using a wet cloth and put it back.

Cleaning Care:

#1 Never Use Harsh Liquid or Powder

Never ever think of using harsh liquids or powders like detergent, kitchen cleaning liquids or any cleaner having acidic property, to clean your pearls.

If you do so, you may end up damaging your beloved pearls.

So, if you notice that you are able to clean your pearls properly, take them to expert.

After all, precious gems need precious care.

#2 Never use Brush to clean Pearls

If you use brushes to clean the corners of pearls, then you unknowingly generating scratches on your pearls, which would make it ugly in future.

So, always keep in mind to clean it with soft clothes. Or if you can’t do, take it to the experts.

At The End:

Maintaining your pearls is not so tough but it does need efforts.

As we know, precious jewels require great care.

Little Mistakes that every Pearl Owner Makes

Carrying a jewelry is not an easy job and when the jewelry is made up some natural stuff, it really becomes a tough job.

Well, we are talking about pearls, which is obviously a nature generated ornament.

And today we will discuss the little mistakes which every pearl owner makes that eventually destroys his/her beloved pearls.

So, without wasting any second. Let’s get started:

#1 Wearing Pearls Before Applying Cosmetics or Perfumes

Now, we all know that cosmetics or the perfumes have a little (or maybe large) amount of acidic agent in them.

And being a pearl owner, you must know that pearls get damaged with contact of acidic agents.

And this is the reason, why the expert advice to wear pearls or other ornaments after completing all other stuff like makeup.

#2 Eating While wearing Pearls

I understand that most of the time, you can’t do anything in this but at least you can make sure that no any food items come in contact with pearls.

If possible, then just take your pearls off before eating.

As we know that any external dirt could damage these pearls, making them lustreless.

So, always try to keep your pearls away from these acidic materials.

#3 Taking Off Pearls at the last

As we know that it is a good practice to wear pearls at the last, but this same logic doesn’t go while taking them off.

Well, you need to take them off at first. And if you don’t do so, there is a chance that some cosmetic or something else could get in touch in pearls.

And we all know that what could happen with such contact.

#4 Washing with Kitchen’s  Cleaning Liquids

Yes, many think that like utensils, kitchen liquid would clean the pearl and other jewelry.

But that’s just foolish of them.

Well, almost all kitchen liquids contain some acidic agents and we have yet understood that even mild acid is also not good for our pearls.

So, never try to wash them with those liquids.

#5 Washing with Detergents

These detergents which we generally use to wash clothes or floors contain very strong agents which can directly affect your pearls or any other jewelry.

So, to avoid any such damage, do not wash them with any kind of detergents.

#6 Leaving Pearls unattended in open

If you are not using the pearls then never keep it unattended in open as it might catch some dirt and lose its luster very soon.

#7 Not cleaning it after every use

Here cleaning doesn’t mean using some external agents to clean your pearls. You can simply use a wet cloth and give a gentle wipe.

That’s all, your pearl will be like new for ages.

So, these were the few mistakes which almost all pearl owners make, which at the end makes pearl’s life shorter.

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Tips to Keep Your Pearls Alive and Shiny for Years

There is nothing which can replace your love for pearls and to make it awesome, we have brought today few tips in order to keep your beautiful jewelry alive and shiny for years.

As we all know that any ornament including pearls lose their charm with time and to get its charm back, we prefer mostly to go to experts.

But not from now.

Here we are discussing few tips, which needs a little effort but can save a huge money, in order to keep your pearls alive and shiny for years.

So, without wasting any more seconds, let’s get started:

#1 Wipe using soft cloth after every use

After returning from a party, take a soft cloth (maybe cotton cloth) and wipe your pearls gently.

This process does nothing but removes any buildup of oils or other stuff from your pearls.

Things to Note:

  • Do not wipe harshly or with a rough cloth.
  • You can also use a damp cloth to wipe your pearls.
  • Use water only if you feel its requirement. It would be good if you use little warm water.
  • If you see water droplets on your pearls, let it dry completely before keeping back into its box.

#2 Take it to Jeweler Once in a Year

Like a human body needs regular checkups, our jewelry also needs a regular visit to a jeweler, who ensures that everything is perfectly fine with our jewel.

Surely, a jeweler has a better knowledge about jewelry and hence can check the integrity of your pearls necklace or bracelets.

A jeweler can not only check your pearls but also clean it safely and thoroughly.

So, at least once in a year, you are advised to go to jewelers.

#3 Always wear pearls at the last

Not only pearls, but any jewelry should be worn after finishing with everything else.

Applying makeups, lipsticks, perfumes or anything else after wearing jewelry is not a healthy practice as the dust particle can sit on it and fade its charm.

#4 Always store flat

While most of the necklaces can be left hung, but practicing same for pearls isn’t advised.

Always store your pearl necklaces or bracelets on a flat surface, which prevent them from stretching.

#5 Give enough space to your pearls

Pearls are prone to scratches and hence it requires little more space than other jewels.

So, always give a little more space and also try to keep them separate, without mixing with other jewelry.

Experts advise keeping pearls in a fabric-lined compartment.

#6 Wear often

Many people think that not wearing jewelry gives more lifespan to them but that’s not actually true.

Pearls do best in a moist environment, so wear frequently as it maintains the moisture.

So, these were the few tips to keep your pearl alive and shiny for years.

Which Color Pearls Will Suit Your Skin Tone?

When it comes to buying pearls, we often get confused while choosing which color would suit our skin tone the most.

Sometimes you ask the seller for some help but instead of helping you out, the seller tries to get rid of the situation by praising almost every pearl.

Well, to handle such situation, you need not depend on someone else (unless you have an expert friend).

Here we have come up with few ultimate tips to find out which color pearls suit your skin tone the best.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started.

#1 Brown Skin Tone

Generally, for people with brown skin tone, silver, and light bronze color suits a lot. However, they can also prefer black, gold, and copper overtones.

#2 Olive or Tanned Skin Tone

Silver pearls suit a lot, on people with the tanned complexion. Besides silver, purple and bronze are also preferable as these are happy colors.

#3 Fair Skin Tone with Blonde Hairs

The purple color suits the most on fair people with blonde hairs but they can also prefer gold and bronze color.

#4 Fair Skin Tone with Brown Hairs

Dark gray, peach, bronze and golden colors suit the best on fair people with brown hairs. In addition, they can also try silver colored pearls.

#5 Fair Skin Tone with Black Hairs

These people have a variety of choices as most colors including black, gray, silver, pink and white suit the best on them.

If we have picked up only one for these poeple, then it would surely be the gray or black one.

#6 Fair Skin with Red Hairs

Gold and copper colored pearls suit the most on people with fair skin and red hairs. However, they can also go with peacock color.

Extra Tips

Above were the few tips on which color will suit the most on different skin tones.

Now, suppose a condition where you are planning to a gift for a person whom you have never seen.

Which color would you choose?

Well, in that case, always go with white or silver as these two colors are evergreen colors and suits on almost everyone with any skin tone.

In some cases, you can also prefer going with gray color as it also suits a lot of people.

At the End

I personally feel that the most important thing while choosing any color in almost anything is your own taste.

If you feel that some color suits you, then nobody can change your mind. So, always wear to please yourself first and then others.

The Bounce of Beauty for a Price through Botox!


Women want to look beautiful throughout their life. Some hate the sign of a single wrinkle on their face while others carry on throughout their lives dense clusters of wrinkles collected on their skin over time. It’s a preference whether to choose wrinkles or not as now in the modern era; it is possible to prevent the formation of wrinkles and look younger at any age. Wondering how? The answer is Botox.

Cosmetic science has evolved quite a lot over the years, and there is a wide range of cosmetics that claim to show proven results to make you look younger. However, there are also various treatments such as plastic surgery to add permanence to beauty. Some treatments also use injections to reduce wrinkles. One such treatment mentioned in Lady magazine is the treatment of wrinkles with botox injections. Botox is a form of botulinum toxin and works by paralyzing facial muscles to prevent the formation of wrinkles and crow’s feet on the face.

Advantages of Botox:

Here we shall list all advantages that catch the eye when thinking of enriching your face with the beauty and to preserve forever the youth of your skin.

  • Relaxes Frown Lines: It works on the frown lines and relaxes them to enhance the look of your face.
  • Reduces Crow’s Feet: If you have those cluster of wrinkles below your eyes that’s called crow’s feet, Botox can help it disappear and give you beautiful eyes.
  • Reduces Wrinkles: Botox reduces wrinkles that show on your face while walking or moving by reducing the muscle activity on the face.

It sums up that Botox gives you wrinkle-free skin.

Side Effects of botox:

Though the advantages allure you to go for Botox treatment, there are certain major Botox side effects that should be looked at before you go for one. They are the following:

  • Facial Paralysis: Botox can cause you facial paralysis. This can show up in the form of droopy eyelids, swelling and bruises. It’s possible that you may not be able to close your eyes. Your smile can also be affected adversely. You may have problems swallowing things or even while speaking. These side effects can be long lasting.
  • Problems in Vision: It can also cause you double or blurred vision. Since it is a toxin at the root level.
  • Loss or Change of Voice: The side effects also include a loss or change of your voice.
  • Allergic Reactions: This treatment can also cause allergic reactions. If you’re allergic to certain things including eggs, this treatment is not for you.
  • The problem in Breathing: The treatment side effects include trouble in breathing. It can also cause risk to life.

Caution: Botox treatment is not for pregnant women and people with the neuromuscular disorder. You should consult your doctor before going for any treatment. It is advisable not to try these injections by yourself. Rather go for a treatment under the supervision of a qualified cosmetic surgeon.


How To Buy Pearls Without Getting Cheated

Buying an original pearl can be a difficult task and if you are new to the market, there is a huge chance that sellers would fool you at the end by convincing you to buy some “waste”.

Suppose you have somehow managed to buy the original pearls, even then there are several things, if not taken care of, you would end up regretting your decision.

Here we have come up with several tricks and tips which you need to know before buying a perfect pearl for you.

So, without wasting any more second, let’s get started.

Different Types of Pearls

The first thing you should know that there are several types of pearls and each type has its own style, build, luster and color.

So, always consider buying that type of pearl which suits you.

Here are the information about these pearls:

Akoya Pearls:

  • Akoya Pearls are cultured pearls which come in classic white, silver and cream color.
  • The size of these pearls varies from 5mm to 11mm.
  • Very lustrous in nature.
  • These pearls come in perfect round shape.
  • The outer surface of these pearls is way smoother than others.
  • Produced mainly in Japan and China.
  • Price starts from as low as $61 and goes up to $3,000.

South Sea Pearls:

  • Another type of cultured pearls which come in silky silver, champagne and deep golden color.
  • The size of these pearls varies from 9mm to 11mm. Comparatively larger in size than Akoya pearls.
  • Semi-lustrous in nature.
  • These pearls don’t have a perfectly round shape, but still, these are very close to perfectly round.
  • Primarily, the South Sea Pearls are produced in Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar.
  • Price starts from $399 and goes up to $30,000.
  • South Sea Pearls are the most expensive cultured pearls. The Dark Golden South Sea Pearls are believed as the most expensive and rare cultured pearl.

Fresh Water Pearls:

  • These pearls are produced pearls in the world and generally come in white, pink and lavender colors. However, there are several other colors as well. Freshwater pearls are said as pearls having the widest range of natural colors.
  • The size of these pearls varies from 2mm to 18mm.
  • Semi-lustrous in nature.
  • Most freshwater pearls also don’t have a perfectly round shape but still, you can get to see some perfectly round shapes.
  • These pearls are produced in the United States and Japan, but the majority of production happens in China.
  • Price starts from as low as $69 and goes up to $1,500

Tahitian Pearls:

  • Tahitian pearls generally come in natural black or gray color. However, a range of Tahitian pearls can also be found in dark green or light silver color.
  • The size of these pearls varies from 9mm to 16mm.
  • Semi-lustrous in nature.
  • Like freshwater and south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls also don’t have a perfectly round shape.
  • These pearls are produced primarily in islands of French Polynesia, around Tahiti.
  • Price starts from $120 and goes up to $10,000

Steps to Follow in order to buy the Perfect Pearl:

#1 Understand your requirement or taste

The first and the most important thing is understanding your own taste and requirement so that whatever you buy at the end, makes you feel proud all the time.

Here, the requirement could be anything like where you have to wear that pearl or on what dress you want to match with, what color you prefer in jewelry etc.

#2 Understand your budget

Once you are done with your requirement (seeing the type of pearls), the second step is the find out what amount you are willing to spend on pearls.

If you have a low budget, surely you have an option like Akoya and Freshwater pearls.

But if you are willing to look completely unique and different, you can look for the rare piece of pearls like south sea pearls.

#3 Choose the right color

Once you are done with selecting the budget range, you have to now choose a perfect color, which definitely should suit your dress and personality.

So, it completely depends on you i.e. what color you prefer to wear. Apart from your taste, it also depends on which dress you want to wear these pearls.

So, match your taste of color and dress before selecting one.

#4 Know the difference between fake and original pearls

Now, when everything is done from your side. You go to a seller to buy one.

In most cases, the sellers try to fool the customers by convincing them for a fake one, don’t fall into their trap.

Here are few tips before you go to any seller to buy:

  • Only buy from those sellers who have a great reputation in the market.
  • Always read about the seller on the internet, so that you could know exactly whether the seller is reliable or not.
  • Don’t fall seeing the advertisement only, try to know what type of service they provide.
  • Always try to choose those sellers who provide a solid return policy.

Now, everything is set. You have reached to the seller for shopping.

Still, you should perform one last check to verify the pearls are fake or genuine.

Take a pearl and gently rub onto your front teeth, if it feels very smooth, there is a chance that the pearl is fake.

Generally, original pearls have little rough texture and feel gritty when touched. However, it’s not always true that smooth pearls are fake. So, you cannot rely on this test only.

How Natural Pearls Are Different From Cultured Pearls

When it comes to pearls, most of us believe that pearls are only produced by nature and we human have no control over it.

But wait, that’s not the truth.

Though the process of producing pearl is natural, still it is controlled by the pearl farmers, people who do pearl farming.

Before getting into the fact about what how cultured pearls are different from natural pearls, one should learn how these both types of pearls are produced?

What is Natural Pearl?

As the name suggests, those pearls which are produced without any human interference are called as natural pearls.

These pearls grow in both, freshwater or the saltwater.

In freshwater, mussels are responsible for producing pearls whereas, in saltwater, oysters are responsible for producing pearls.

In freshwater, mussels are responsible for producing pearls whereas, in saltwater, oysters are responsible for producing pearls.

Once these types of pearls are found, experts harvest them, clean them and then use them in jewelry.

The sad part is, these natural pearls are extremely rare and hence very much costly.

What is Cultured Pearl?

Many people relate cultured pearls with fake pearls and believe that cultured pearls are nothing but a piece of glass or plastic.

If you are the one who thinks so, then mate you are completely wrong.

Cultured pearls are grown under tightly controlled conditions in assistance of pearl farmer.

Pearl farmers plant core made up of mussel shell into an oyster or mussel, which later produces pearls.

In simple words, the process of growing a cultured pearl is exactly same, with one difference that everything happens under pearl farmer assistance and he/she takes care of everything.

How Cultured Pearls are different from Natural Pearls:

#1 Way of Origin

Now, the biggest different between these two types of pearls are, one gets formed naturally and other also gets formed naturally but under human assistance.

#2 Shape

Many believe that pearls are almost identical in shape, which is a myth.

The truth is, every pearl is different in shape, size, and roundness especially the natural pearls, which are way bigger than cultured pearls.

The cultured pearls are generally of similar shape and size (not identical).

#2 Price

Another major factor which differentiates natural pearl from cultured pearl is its price.

Natural pearls are very rare to find and hence their price is very high as compared to the cultured pearls, which are produced under human custody.

So, these were the difference between a cultured pearl and a natural pearl.

As per as later report, China is the largest producer of pearls by covering around 5 percent of total pearl production.

8 Lesser Known Facts About Pearls

When it comes to pearls, the very first thing strike in our mind is its eye-catching look. Pearls are naturally beautiful and a very rare ornament to have.

We all know that pearls are produced by a living creature called oysters inside the water.

But I guess, very few of us know that apart from Oysters, Clams and mussels can also produce pearls, but the existence is very rare.

Well, today we have brought some lesser known facts about pearls and its existence.

Let’s get started:

#1 Produced By Living Creature

As we discussed above, Pearls are the only gems created by living creature and that too inside waters. Oysters, the producer of pearls, can live in both freshwater and saltwater.

As per as reports, a perfect natural pearl is found in less than 1 in every 10,000 pearl oysters.

#2 All Oysters are Male

All pearl oysters are male at the time of birth but they transform themselves in females at the three or so.

#3 Major Types of Saltwater Pearls

Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea are the three major types of saltwater pearls.

These three types share around five percent of total global pearl production.

As per as experts, these three types of pearls look similar but their sources are difference i.e. they are produced by different species of oyster.

#4 Freshwater Pearls vs Saltwater pearls

Freshwater pearls cover around 90 percent of global pearl production and China is the biggest producer of freshwater pearls.

A single freshwater mussel can usually produce between 30 and 50 pearls at a time.

Despite the majority of pearls are produced in freshwater, the saltwater pearls have greater value.

#5 Diamond Cultivation is Greater than South Sea Pearls

If we see the cultivation practices, South Sea pearls are very rare. If we compare the production of diamond and south sea pearls then the diamond production is around 10 times greater than the south sea pearls.

#6 Pearls were used in 2300 B.C

As per as the latest records, the pearls were used as one of the major ornaments in Mesopotamia in around 200BC.

So, we can’t simply say that the use of pearls as jewelry is a new thing.

#7 Oldest Pearl Has age of 2000 years

In the archeological dig at the Kimberley region of Western Australia, researchers have found a pearl which is believed as around 2000 years old.

#8 Threat of Shark

In late 19th and in early 20th century, the mortality rate of pearl divers was high as 50 percent.

The two main reason behind this horrifying death rate was the attack of shark and the dreaded crippling effects on the body with every dive.

Today, almost all countries have a very strict protocol and regulations to ensure minimum deaths of divers.