When it comes to pearls, most of us believe that pearls are only produced by nature and we human have no control over it.

But wait, that’s not the truth.

Though the process of producing pearl is natural, still it is controlled by the pearl farmers, people who do pearl farming.

Before getting into the fact about what how cultured pearls are different from natural pearls, one should learn how these both types of pearls are produced?

What is Natural Pearl?

As the name suggests, those pearls which are produced without any human interference are called as natural pearls.

These pearls grow in both, freshwater or the saltwater.

In freshwater, mussels are responsible for producing pearls whereas, in saltwater, oysters are responsible for producing pearls.

In freshwater, mussels are responsible for producing pearls whereas, in saltwater, oysters are responsible for producing pearls.

Once these types of pearls are found, experts harvest them, clean them and then use them in jewelry.

The sad part is, these natural pearls are extremely rare and hence very much costly.

What is Cultured Pearl?

Many people relate cultured pearls with fake pearls and believe that cultured pearls are nothing but a piece of glass or plastic.

If you are the one who thinks so, then mate you are completely wrong.

Cultured pearls are grown under tightly controlled conditions in assistance of pearl farmer.

Pearl farmers plant core made up of mussel shell into an oyster or mussel, which later produces pearls.

In simple words, the process of growing a cultured pearl is exactly same, with one difference that everything happens under pearl farmer assistance and he/she takes care of everything.

How Cultured Pearls are different from Natural Pearls:

#1 Way of Origin

Now, the biggest different between these two types of pearls are, one gets formed naturally and other also gets formed naturally but under human assistance.

#2 Shape

Many believe that pearls are almost identical in shape, which is a myth.

The truth is, every pearl is different in shape, size, and roundness especially the natural pearls, which are way bigger than cultured pearls.

The cultured pearls are generally of similar shape and size (not identical).

#2 Price

Another major factor which differentiates natural pearl from cultured pearl is its price.

Natural pearls are very rare to find and hence their price is very high as compared to the cultured pearls, which are produced under human custody.

So, these were the difference between a cultured pearl and a natural pearl.

As per as later report, China is the largest producer of pearls by covering around 5 percent of total pearl production.

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