Important Kitchen Tool – Vegetable Slicer

Vegetables are healthy for our body as they provide maximum number of nutrients that our body need daily. But preparing and more importantly cutting vegetables can be pain to many. Apart from the risk of cutting or injuring your fingers, its also a difficult to produce the shape and the thickness we want from kitchen knives. To over comes this and to quickly slice vegetables you need to buy a quality spiral vegetable slicer. The vegetable slicers or a mandoline slicer can slice almost any type of vegetables at lightning speed and operating them is also easy. For many slicing potato is most difficult, especially if you want to slice potatoes for french fries. For them there are specially designed mandolin potato slicer that slices potatoes very fine perfect for french fries. Mandoline slicers have sharp stainless steel blade so you need to be careful while using it, but most of the slicers comes with safety guard that protect your fingers coming close to the blade.

Earlier slicers have many technical and design problems, one of the main problems were that it was designed to cut only particular shape vegetables and with only thickness. But today’s slicers have been improved, they comes with many different blades for slicing vegetables in different thickness and shapes. They can not only cut vegetables but many fruits such as apple and sweet tomatoes.

Best Spiral Vegetable Slicers

As there are many models and brands of vegetable slicers in the market, choosing the right slicer may not be an easy task. Apart from the sharp blades you need to look for many other features too, one of the important feature that you may not overlook is the safety guard. Vegetable slicers have sharp blades that can cause deep cut to your fingers, so the slicer should be have safety guard that protects your finger coming close to the blade. Another important features include the type of blade it has, whether its stainless steel or ceramic, the material of the body and of course the cost. Below you can find some of reviews of the best spiral vegetable slicers.

Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer
Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer is one of the best slicer available and its also the best selling slicer on Amazon. This vegetable slicer is also easy to operate and have loads of features. This slicer can slice as well as peel different kind of vegetables and fruits. Operating this vegetable slicer is also very easy, you need to just place the vegetable on prongs and start turning the wheel while pushing the base towards the blade. The entire body is made of hard plastic which is BPA free and the blades are made of stainless steel and each blade are for specific purpose and that includes shredder for creating long spaghetti like spiral stands, chipper to create long and thick spiral stands and lastly straight blade for creating ribbon like stands. You can slice the vegetable in different thickness from minimum 3mm thin to maximum 5mm of thickness. Another great feature of this slicer is that they can very easily be disassembled which makes cleaning and washing it easier. They are dishwasher safe and can be washed with warm water and mild detergents. Before washing just make sure you remove the blades as they are very sharp and can cause deep cut. There is storage compartment where you can store your blades safely.
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Before You Design a Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important room in any home, it is called as heart of the home since its the hub of your home. The importance of kitchen lies in the fact that its a place where your meals are prepared so that your body as well as soul gets the necessary fuel to remain active. An average most time spent in any room is bedroom followed by the kitchen. It is also said life may be created in the bedroom but its lived in the kitchen.

Since kitchen has such an important value in the home, it need to be well maintained. A well planned kitchen is attractive and easy to maintain. Before designing an efficient kitchen, you not only have to consider the room’s location, size and shape, decor like any other room, but also many other additional considerations and decisions.

Kitchen Design Considerations

Kitchen is the most complex room, it is the room where the most number of equipments and appliances need to be kept, beside it also need to have the platform for cooking and washing utensils. Before you start planning the kitchen designs, you need to understand the functions of a kitchen.


Primary and the most important purpose of the kitchen is cooking food. However many kitchens are also used for dining. The proper placement of the equipments is essential in a well planned kitchen. An efficient kitchen has three basic centers: the storage center, the cooking center and the cleanup center.
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